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Mortgage Print Marketing & Co-Marketing


PR Management, Content Creation, Copy Writing, Relationship Management


2020 - Current

Project type

Print Marketing Management, Print Marketing Creation, Co-Marketing Relationship Management

For Mortgage Lending, a marketing agency, LLC works with individual Loan Officers to deliver premier outbound marketing collateral in the form of print marketing. AMA’s approach to print marketing is specific to the requests of each LO we partner with - as every LO has a different set of requests and goals. Some examples of print marketing projects that AMA has led have included: real estate development signs for new neighborhoods - helping to cement a LOs relationship with builders and developers, billboards, flyers, collateral for educational classes, as well as magnets, mailers, and calendars to send to a LOs master database of contacts. Through effective print marketing, we extend the reach of our LO partners while providing material for customers and borrowers to keep at their homes with branded information on them.

a marketing agency, LLC works with Loan Officers to identify the real estate agents they work with and provide both parties with co-marketing assistance. Loan Officers are one-half of the transaction with borrowers and customers; the other half are the real estate agents that work with the borrower/customer. AMA works with both parties to provide co-branded marketing collateral, including print marketing, single property sites, social media marketing, and materials for teaching opportunities for the community. Effective co-marketing provides LOs with a stream of business from those co-marketing partners while working to grow the real estate agent's book of business. Co-marketing done correctly is a win-win for both parties!

One of the most vital marketing elements for Mortgage Lenders is navigating compliance laws. Here at AMA, navigating compliance laws is what helps set us apart. We work to ensure that there is never a breach of compliance in our outbound marketing efforts, and so far, we hold a perfect track record of making sure what we share is 100% compliant.

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